Every major niche has a long list of competitors. You may have a good amount of people that you’re facing right now. If you want to triumph over them, one way to work things out is to simply steal their content. That’s right, you can steal content and get better with seo than they are, and it’s quite easy to do. Of course, you will find your rankings drop systematically over time, and eventually you will get pegged as a spammer, but hey, results are what matters most right? When discussing this topic, it is not to be taken literally. You should not just copy and paste your information, instead, take note of how to do this effectively and actually win. You’ll find that if you want to gain leverage and market share, you have to consider several elements moving forward. Only when you consider the following, will you effectively steal content and get better at ranking in search engines.

Look For Competition

VisitsiteBlogThe first thing that you need to do is locate your competition. Make sure that you understand who you are even targeting. Most people assume that they are going to go up against larger entities like Amazon.com, or something similar. If that’s your goal, you are a long ways away. Competing with large corporations will only pose a lot of difficulty over time. No one is competing with them head to head and you’re definitely not. Look for lower hanging fruit first, smaller sites, and pages that are getting a bit of information. You want to look at the competition and see what they are doing with their content.

The Art of Stealing

Stealing in this tradition is not literal. Do not go and take headlines and content, instead, save the content and read it thoroughly. Seriously, read through it. Then take the same headlines and text and rewrite everything. Make it better, improve on it, elongate the points and create something 100% new. Using their information you have all the points to create something compelling and profitable overall. However, take your time here. This is not a matter of “spinning” you have to rewrite it 100% from scratch. Do not chase this without serious writing skills, or hire someone to do it for you.

Publish The Content

The key to gaining leverage here is to publish your content a lot. Don’t just publish once a day, take it on several times a day, and even more if you need. Publishing content faster and more effectively will trump your competition and you will gain a lot of market share over time. The key here is to make sure that you’re not only stealing their content, but that you’re publishing it faster, and better than they are. If they catch you doing this, they will applaud your efforts or they will try to outdo you.

When you find that your competition is chasing what you’re doing, and are starting to emulate you, don’t worry. Competition is good for all marketing and niches. That will elevate your game and their game to all new levels. Think of global brands that are competing against each other. For instance, Pepsi and Coca-Cola are always fighting for market share. They are #1 and #2 in the world. Wouldn’t you want to be #1 or #2 in your industry? That’s something that becomes a reality when you start to steal others content and rewrite it for ultimate seo effect.

The secret here is not emulation. Don’t emulate things, change them and make them better. Whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to help, you absolutely need help pushing this envelope. It will give you an increase over time.

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